Twitter Updates for 2008-09-18

  • Just openned a bottle of Messina Hof Texas Hold’em wine. It’s suprisingly good. #
  • New iPhone game for all dudes that lived in the early 80s. #
  • Looking for Microsoft’s definition of “open source”… Yeah, I’m having trouble finding it. #

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Writing a Presentation on Dynamics of Open Source…

I’m been tasked with writing a presentation on the “Dynamics of Open Source.”  I’ll be co-delivering the talk at the MPower Open User Conference next week.  Why I’m doing this talk is another story for another post.

 Anyhow, there is so much to say on this subject.  I was hoping to solicit some feedback from some of my readers.  The most common stuff people say about open source, “lower total cost of ownership”, “it has less bugs”, “improves faster, new features added faster”, etc, etc.

What do you like about open source software/tools?  What don’t you like?  How has it helped/hurt your organization?



Google Chrome Review…


I have Java support working with Google Chrome.  I followed the video instructions left in the comments by Vladimir and I’m good.  Watch this video or just know that you need Java SE 6 Update 10.


Google Chrome…  I dig it, but it needs work.  I guess Google’s “out” is that Chrome was released as Beta.  It kind of bothers me that *everything* Google releases is Beta.  Has Google ever finished a product?

I think there is a ton to like about the design decisions Google made when beginning work on Chrome.  Google covered them all in a cool, hip comic book.  I guess they couldn’t get their hands on a tech writer, but found an out-of-work comic book illustrator.  Either way, the artist got all the important points across.  Chrome is multi-process by page/tab, they wrote a jvm for JavaScript called V8, they went with WebKit for page rendering, tabs are first-class citizens (not parts of the browser), and many other things.

One annoying thing was that Google Chrome proudly states that the browser won’t crash, just individual tabs.  Well, within an hour of using Chrome, it crashed on me.  I grabbed a screenshot to prove it.

Google Chrome crashes
Google Chrome crashes

Another thing Google Chrome needs to work on is it’s tab support. I know that I abuse browsers that support multiple tabs. I know I could bookmark a tab or two, or tag them with delicious a bit more frequently… but hey, if the browser supports multiple tabs, why should I ever close one. Right now, I’m running Chrome with 50+ open tabs. The screenshot below clearly shows that once you get a bunch of open tabs you can’t really tell which tab is which. I *really* dig how Firefox handles more tabs then fit a screen, they just turn them into a left-right scroll.

Google Chrome has problems with multiple tabs
Google Chrome has problems with multiple tabs

My last complaint, or maybe “improvement area” is where is Java support? Come on? Google is one of the biggest supports of Java out there. Get some Java support, please.

Google Chrome does NOT support Java
Google Chrome does NOT support Java

Jerry Reed – R.I.P.

Jerry Reed was in one of my favorite movies when I was a kid, and it holds up now, Smokey and the Bandit. He passed-away on Monday. His agent had a great quote about him, “He’s one of the greatest entertainers in the world. That’s the way I feel about him.” Today, I’ll agree with that quote.

Jerry Reed… R.I.P.


2008 Aggie Football Preview… We Stink.

Yeah, the title says it all. This 2008 Aggie Football Preview is not going to be positive. The only thing Aggie fans have to look forward to is our running back corps. And the problem was, that as good as the RBs were last year, the stinkin’ QB lead the team in rushing yards. WTH! Thank God Fran is gone (I’ll try not to use that four letter word around this blog anymore… He’s gone and nobody misses him. Well, maybe the Aggie QB, but that’s another blog post.)

Tonight starts the Coach Sherman Era at Texas A&M and it might be his only W all year. Being fair, New Mexico, Army, and Baylor are potential Ws. The key will be the play Coach Sherman gets out of his deadly duo of Lane and Goodson. Both Jorvorskie Lane and Mike Goodson made the preseason 2008 Doak Walker Award candidate list. I think the only way the Aggies win more then 5 games this year is if the Aggies get Lane or Goodson the 2008 Doak Walker award.

So here goes, my game by game predictions for the 2008 Texas Aggie Football team:

  • 8/30 – Aggies vs Arkansas St – W
  • 9/6 – Aggies at New Mexico – W
  • 9/20 – Aggies vs Miami (FL) – L – ass kicked, just like last year
  • 9/27 – Aggies vs Army – L – USA, USA, but embarrassing loss to the Army
  • 10/4 – Aggies at Oklahoma St – L
  • 10/11 – Aggies vs Kansas St -L
  • 10/18 – Aggies vs Texas Tech – L – it’s a disgrace to all Aggies the way Tech owns us.  Be ashamed.
  • 10/25 – Aggies at Iowa St – W – first W for the Ags in almost two months.  Miserable
  • 11/1 – Aggies vs Colorado – L – boy do I wish this was the Ags team of 1995 playing Colorado
  • 11/8 – Aggies vs Oklahoma – L – OU might put 100 points up this time
  • 11/15 – Aggies at Baylor – W – the Aggies will win after being utterly humiliated by OU the week before
  • 11/27 – Aggies at Texas – L – the Longhorns *will* hang 100 on the Aggies, and we might not score

So where did that leave us… I my math is good…  that give the Aggies 4 wins.  They might surprise me and squeak out a W against Army or Kansas St, but don’t count on it.  And to make matters worse, I don’t feel to good about the four Ws I’ve picked.

Dear God,

Please let the Aggies, somehow, squeak out four wins this year.

And I’d really like a World Series for the Cubs.



Noah Starts School…

My big guy, Noah, started kindergarten today.  We made it a family affair.  I worked my schedule so we all could walk Noah to school and then pick him up at 3pm when he finished today.  He did GREAT!  He marched in and was really excited to start.

Last year he did a Mon, Wed, Fri 9-2 Pre-K that gave him a taste of school and he loved it and excelled.  We’ve been talking about school for the past 3 months and he has always acted excited about starting.  Last week, the school had a parade in front of our park and the kids got to cheer their teachers on.  You can see it in his face how excited he was.

When we picked Noah up after school his class was all wearing matching t-shirts that said “Class of 2021”.  That’s nuts!  2021.  I think we’ll focus on 2008.  Noah is gonna be busy and Zach starts Tue, Thur Pre-K next week.

Noah…  Mommy and Daddy love you.  Do good this year!

Noah at his deskclick to see all the pics in the Starting School Set


Barack Sucks and Biden Knows It…

I have a question for all the Democrats/Socialists/Communists (I toss in Socialists and Communists because that is clearly Barack’s plan for America) out there…


If memory serves me…  Biden was quoted barely over a year ago saying that Barack was, “not ready” to be our president.  I pulled a bit from an article on about Biden:

As Obama’s rival in 2007, Biden also criticized the youthful senator from Illinois as “not ready” to be president and lacking in foreign policy judgment

What has Barack done in the last 12 months to change Biden’s opinion?  I’d say, nothing.

Barack is a horrible choice for President!  I’d much rather see Biden running, he wouldn’t get my vote, but he’s better than Barack.


Eclipse Hates SVN…

Yup, I said it…  Eclipse hates SVN.  The way I see it, Eclipse treats Subversion like a red-headed stepchild.  How long has Subversion been around now?  Years and years, since 2000 to be exact.  Yeah, it’s been around for 8 years.  And Eclipse still only does a half-ass job of supporting subverion.  The Eclipse Foundation choose Subversive as their svn client/plugin of choice back in Nov 2007.  Yet, to get Subversive up and running in Eclipse is a matter of pain and suffering.

Eclipse just released their yearly version, this year they’re calling it Ganymede, and it was supposed to kind of have svn/Subversive support….  but heck no.  Good luck getting it working.  The documentation/instructions suck at best, being fair, the instuctions are crap.

Oh, I’m so close to giving NetBeans a serious look.


Follow me on Twitter…

A couple few weeks ago I got a Twitter account.  I wasn’t really sure what I was gonna do with it, or how often I’d post (tweet).  Well, I’ve come to enjoy “tweeting” and find that it takes the place of some of the stuff I would blog about.  With blogging I’ve occasionally said, “that ain’t worth a blog post,” and those are the *perfect* times to write a Twitter post.

So I apologize for not blogging as frequently as I used to, but you can definitely keep up with me on Twitter, and I think you’ll find I do a much better job of keeping you up-to-date with me and the family.  I’ve also installed a new WP plugin that will auto-generate a blog post with all my Twitter activity for the day.  Feel free to leave comments on the Twitter updates just like you would on a normal blog post.

Lastly, for those of you that don’t know what the heck I’m talking about and are wondering what Twitter is you can read this great entry on Wikipedia.


No Cuil in Cuil…

Cuil still can’t find themselves…  The Cuil search engine launched today and numerous people are pointing out that when you google cuil in the cuil search engine (did you like how I used the term google when talking about searching on cuil?  yeah, it was a bad joke.  sorry.) you don’t find anything about the cuil search engine!.!.  Yeah, it is a WTH moment.  You’d think they’d index themselves and allow for google searches on cuil (yeah I tried the same joke twice in one post.  sorry) to pull up their own site.

Note to Cuil… Please try harder to be Cool.