Someone thinks I’ve got something to say…

I worked my way on to the list of authors that write weekly columns for uptime.

Uptime is a site/newsletter dedicated to providing the Linux community with some valuable, entertaining information on Linux related topics, and a forum to discuss them. At least that’s my take on uptime. Here is Tony’s take on what uptime is in the first article/post on uptime. Tony is the creator and lead author at uptime, and I guess I have to thank him for letting me write there.

I will be contributing, on a weekly basis, to a column for Linux “newbies”. The first article can be found here.

You can find something new on/at uptime just about every day.

What I did last weekend

It was another trip down to Houston, this one wasn’t the standard trip down to see family. It was to attend the wedding of a friend/fraternity brother. Katie and I had a great time. It’s fun to see old college friends and “catch-up” in person. Katie and I have said we are really going to make an effort to see our friends more often when we go down to Houston.

First post…

Here we go. I’m officially blogging. I’m not sure how often I’ll post, or what you’ll find here. I’d expect you’ll get a little of everything, some sports talk, some java talk, and some linux talk. I might even beat you down with a bunch of posts on what my baby boy is doing today, it’s always something new, he’s 11 months old.

I really want to enable comments on my posts, and I’ll clean up the page some when I get a little more time. For now you email me at