The CUBS are the BEST team in baseball..

It feels so good to say it.  I talk about it every day at work with a co-worker who is an Astros fan.  The CUBS are the BEST team in baseball!  I’m not talking the NL Central, I’m not even talking the NL….  I’m talking all of the MLB, baby!

I definitely feel back-to-back post-season baseball coming.  And, yes, it’s only June 3rd, but I feel it…

Look out for the Chicago Cubs…

I say look out for the Chicago Cubs!  They’re good….  they’re real good.  They’re good enough they’re going back to the playoffs again this year.  And this year they aren’t getting booted-out in the first round.

The Cubs have the best starting pitching in the NL.  The Cubs have the best middle relief in the NL.  And the Cubs might just have the best closer in the NL.

What about the Cubs offense?  Take a look at the stats…  their offense is better then their pitching.  From top to bottom the whole lineup can hit the ball.  And they have a bench this year that can hit, too.

The Cubs win today was their 5th in a row. They are a half game out of first place.

It’s gonna be a good summer…