Tonight, is Draft Night, Baby!!!!

I love technology stuff, java and linux related things. The technology addiction started young, but really took off in college, and now it’s with me all day at work and at home.

Another obsession is SPORTS! Baseball first, then football, then basketball, and lastly the others. Part of my sports addiction is playing fantasy sports. I play fantasy football and baseball, have been playing for about 6 years, love it. I think it takes something away from the, “I like this team mentality”, but it really helps you learn everything about every player, on all the teams.

This year I’m in a new fantasy football league. It’s a “keeper-league”. That means you keep some players on your roster, just like in the NFL. And you have to cut players after the season, and then you draft to fill your needs. This is different from how I’ve played in the past. Where all the teams start from scratch each year and build a team from the pool of all players.

The team I bought/inherited finished in last place last year. The team is crap. I had no problem finding 8 players (you cut 8 of your 16 man roster in the off-season) to cut. I’m pretty sure I won’t even make the playoffs this year. It’s very similar to the NFL in that I’m gonna have a “rebuilding” year. As the title of this blog states, it is draft night, and I’ll be looking for some quality, young players that can help me out some this year, but really be “stand-outs” in the future.

Here are my keepers:
Bledsoe, Drew QB BUF
Favre, Brett QB GB
Davis, Stephen RB CAR
Hambrick, Troy RB DAL
Williams, Moe RB MIN
Galloway, Joey WR DAL
Horn, Joe WR NO
Smith, Jimmy WR JAC

I’ll post tomorrow and give a draft update.

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