Figured it out

I was excited last week to get a few comments on this blog. For the most part it “flys below the radar” because I am horrible about posting. So the fact that someone not only was reading it, but was commenting on it, I decided to get busy posting again. When I went to the site to view the comments I was alarmed to find the “content” or “body” of the site empty. Blank! Nothing! I was very confused. I just recently switched to MovableType and really didn’t know where to start. This problem bothered me for a few days and today I decided to get to the bottom of things. After digging/looking around I figured it out. A real easy/stupid thing. I had this configured to roll-off old posts after 7 days. I hadn’t posted in 7 days and that’s why the body was blank. I simply switched to a “lastn=10” and everything is back and working. I hope everyone is relieved that I’ve got this working again.


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  1. Josiah Ritchie

    Glad to hear it. I think I can before via a direct link in RSS so that didn’t affect me. (If I understood you correctly.)

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