Last Night’s JavaMUG Presentation

Last night was the monthly meeting of the Java Metroplex User’s Group, of which I belong and also serve on the board. I was both looking forward to and dreading the meeting. I dreaded it because we were holding yearly elections and I was afraid they would drag on and on and on. Boy was I pleasantly surprised at how smooth and quick things went. Congrats to the current board for such a smooth election and congrats to the newly elected board members.

The reason I was looking forward to the meeting was that this month’s speaker was Glenn Vanderburg. I have seen him speak at previous JavaMUG meetings and at last years Lone Star Software Symposium. His presentations are both strong technically and delivered with some humor.

Last night Glenn spoke on the new features coming with J2SE 1.5. He spent a large chunk of the presentation on generics, and then covered a number of the other 1.5 additions.

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