I’m so ashamed…

… and I feel I have to “come clean”. My wife just made me watch The Bachelor with her. Actually, she makes me watch it with her every week. You might even get away with saying that I just watch it….. So embarrassing.

I will openly admit to being a HUGE fan of Survivor. It’s much more manly. Heck, this season is all based on being pirates. What guy doesn’t like a show where acting like the best pirate gets you a $1,000,000?

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  1. Josiah Ritchie

    I said a few thing on my blog about this in response, but anyway…

    And another thing, Why did poor Andrew get stuck with the Brauns of Attitude? He literally begged to get off the show. There’s no reason he couldn’t stay except that he set in his head that he had to go. I was honestly getting tired of his red boxer briefs anyway.

  2. erik

    Well, I taped Survivor last night and just watched it this morning. I’m glad I watched it before reading your post.

    I wasn’t a fan of Andrew’s at all. I don’t think he was good for Morgan, and he wasn’t going far on his own.

    It looks like Jon will be around for a few more shows.

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