Crap! What have you done iTunes?

I installed iTunes for Windows on Tuesday. I was diggin’ it. Cool app. No problems. Can’t wait to get a PB and run it on Mac OSX. Then this morning I popped a CDR in my drive and hit the eject button. And NOTHING! It’s locked up. I manually ejected the cd a couple of times and still, nothing. I went to the Task Manager to kill it, got the app not responding message, and it still won’t die. Very annoying.

To make matters worse. I fire-up WinAmp and try to listen to my cd and now WinAmp is locked-up!!!!!!! I try to kill it via Task Manager and it won’t die!!!

I hope this is a bad Cd drive and not a problem with iTunes.

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  1. Erik

    I only spent about 5 minutes debugging, but it looks like there is a problem when I hit the eject Cd button.

    I will do more testing tomorrow. I’ll a little busy at work right now to do anything more thorough.

    It’s definitely not the CD drive, because I’ve been using WinAmp all day.


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