JavaMUG meeting last night…

Last night was the Java Metroplex User’s Group monthly meeting.

The meeting was sponsored by Genuitec, the creators of MyEclipse. They had 10-15 minutes to hype MyEclipse. They did a good job. Someone made the comment that it looked and acted just like the Lomboz plugin. The sponsor said they can’t even be compared. The guy’s voice didn’t sound real cocky, but the comment was.

The main presentation was, “Ribs – The ReportMill Interface Builder for Swing”. Ribs was/is developed by Jeff Martin, creator of ReportMill. Yes, the presentation was nothing more then a product pitch (which is frowned upon by our Board), but the pitch was good. I haven’t spent 5 minutes in the last year or two thinking about doing Swing development. This actually has me thinking about it now.

I think part of the interest was that Jeff used an Apple, I’m pretty sure it was a PowerBook, to drive his presentation. If you didn’t know I’ve got Apple/ PowerBook/ Mac OS X fever real bad. Forget I even typed that last sentence, this post is on last night’s meeting.

Jeff spent the last 15 minutes of the presentation on ReportMill. It is reallllllly slick. If you haven’t heard about it ReportMill is a Java app XML-based reporting tool. Check out the site. It’s really impressive.

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  1. Josiah Ritchie

    Where’s the site? Ah… I’ll go google. 🙂 Yeesh, I’m not even a Java guy. Frank probably would appreciate it though.

  2. erik

    Sometimes I feel like I’m doing advertising for people when I put links in my blog to other people’s commericial sites, but when you’re talking about something, and you need people to know what you’re talking about… You put ’em in your blog.

    Either way, you found it Josiah.

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