One more thing from last night…

I think we all know that I want a PowerBook. I just friggin’ mentioned it in my previous post. I’ve just about got the wife sold. I have been pretty much set on the 12″ with the SuperDrive. I’d like the 15″, but it’s just to damn expensive.

Off topic. Off topic….

Yes, back to last night. The presenter was “gung-ho” Apple. And watching him do Swing Development with the Mac OS X gui was killing me.

Here is the best part, JavaMUG gives away a number of books each month as door prizes. Last night there were like 10. I got picked 2nd-to-last and didn’t expect anything good to be left. But sitting right there on the table, beaming at me, was a beautiful copy of Mac OS X for Java Geeks!!!!!!!!! It was that and something else, I didn’t even look at the other book. I grabbed the Java Geeks book and said “I’ll take this one, thanks…”

Needless to say, I think that was God’s way of saying, “BUY THE MAC ALREADY, ERIK….. YOU WANT IT. YOU DESERVE IT……”

I’ve found a 12″ w/SuperDrive for $1499. The same site has the 15″ w/SuperDrive for $2299, but again, I think I gotta go with the 12″. It’s $800 cheaper. $800 for 3 inches is hard to justify.

Any opinions on going with the 12″ vs the 15″ out there?

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  1. Matt Raible

    I think it depends on where you’ve owned a laptop before. I bought a 15″ PowerBook a couple of years ago and I was pretty frustrated with the small screen – being used to 19″-21″ monitors on my desktops.

    I think the 12″ is good if you plan to hook it up to another monitor while doing development, otherwise, you may be frustrated with the lack of real estate.

  2. Erik


    I currently have a 15″ Toshiba that will only go as high as 1024×768. That is the same resolution as the 12″ PB so I would have the same amount of real estate. It’ll just be smaller. I’ve got an awesome 17″ lcd flat-panel monitor that I would plug into when at home. So the laptop display would only be used when on the couch at home or when I don’t have access to a nice external monitor.


  3. Josiah Ritchie

    You know that if you get this thing I’m going to expect some Mac blogging from you every day for a solid couple of weeks right?

  4. Erik

    You got it. Most of it will be like…. Where is this? I used to do it this way…. Etc…


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