Christmas fun…

I came across this blog entry asking for people to submit pics of their Christmas trees. I’m answering the call. Here is the Weibust 2003 tree.

Being completely honest, this was my wife’s doing. I’m more “old-school” with my tree taste. In the past we’ve gone with a mix of nice/homemade/cheesy ornaments and multi-colored lights. Katie wanted something that looked “classy-er”. Boy was that a body blow. So I said fine, but I won’t partake in the decorating. Below you can see the finished product.

Weibust Christmas Tree 2003

I’m also putting a pic of Noah and Santa. We just got these done tonight at The Shops at Willow Bend (also home to my local Apple store). It was his first time “really” seeing Santa. Up-close and personal. Like most kids his age he was a little scared. We had to pry him out of Katie’s arms to get him on Santa’s lap. He cried for a minute and then we got him calmed down and I took this picture.

Noah and Santa 2003

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