I just can’t decide

I have been authorized to spend $400 on an mp3 player for myself as a gift from my mother and grandmother. I just can’t make a decision. I keep saying get the 20 GB iPod, but I keep chickening-out.

I’m down to 3 choices in the hard-drive style mp3 players:
1. Apple iPod (20GB)
2. Rio Karma (20GB)
3. iRiver iHP-120 (20GB)

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  1. Matt Raible

    Get the iPod, then when you get your PowerBook, you can use it for backup.

  2. Erik

    Yeah, that is one of the big “pluses” for the iPod. I’m going to my local Apple store after work. I need to hold it again. That might help me decide.

  3. Josiah Ritchie

    I thought I read “I need to hold it up again”. I thought, “Well, that’s one way to get an IPod”.

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