Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I hope you all have a great day. I will be starting my day by running in the Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot. After that it will be family, football, and food.

Tomorrow will be the annual Texas A&M – tu game. Lets hope for a good showing, ending the year on a high note.

UPDATE – Post Race
The run was a blast. We will definitely be running again next year. There were over 20,000 runners. Supposedly a U.S. record for a 3 mile run. With minimal training I finished in 25:47. And with a chicken on my head. My wife almost killed me for forgetting the digital camera. Our friends took pictures and when I get them I’ll post a few.

UPDATE – Added pics
I’ve finally gotten a few pics from the Turket Trot. I promised that I would post some pics of me wearing the chicken hat. It was a little odd to run with, but as cold as it was I liked it. And I sure got a lot of cheers.

Weibust Christmas Tree 2003

Noah, Daddy and Mommy. (Yes, I do have a chicken on my head)

Weibust Christmas Tree 2003

Chris (brother-in-law), Julie (sister), Rolfe (step dad), Mom holding Noah, me (a better view of the chicken), and Katie

Weibust Christmas Tree 2003

Noah in the stroller he ran the race in.

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  1. Josiah Ritchie

    I’m looking forward to seeing you with a chicken on your head. 🙂

  2. Erik

    You’ll see soon enough. My wife is getting a cd with all the pics our friend took tomorrow, Tuesday. Look for the pics here Wednesday.

    I’m anxious to see me with a chicken on my head too. 🙂


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