I had a great one and I hope everyone else did also.

I spent Christmas Eve afternoon driving down to Houston. Our first stop was at my Dad’s church, then we had dinner and gifts at his house. Late that night we went to Katie’s parents house and spent some time with them before going to bed to wait for Santa (my nephew was very anxious to get everyone in bed so Santa could come). We got up early and opened gifts, had breakfast, and played with the new PlayStation games my nephew got.

Christmas Day afternoon was spent with my mom, step-dad, and 16 other assorted brothers, sisters, their husbands/wives/girlfriends, and their kids. It was a big crowd and we had a wonderful time like we always do. We did a lot of eating and present giving/receiving.

I got two gifts that topped my list: a 20GB iPod from my mom and grandmother, and the Black & Decker 7 Tool Mobile Workstation from my wife and son.

I’ll have follow-up posts on both gifts.

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