J2EE development for everyone…

Last weekend I came across a wonderful tutorial that explains how to build a Servlet with Eclipse and deploy it to Tomcat. The author did a great job of keeping it *very* simple, yet explaining every step. There was no, “do this, then this, then this, finished”. Each step gave a brief explanation of what the author wanted you to do and he included screenshots along the way.

I’m going to push for a follow-up that provides more “what we did in each step”. And maybe a follow-up tutorial including servlets or a request/ response servlet pair.

I don’t think there is enough of these types of tutorials out there. The “hand-holding” style. Sure we can all figure this out on our own, but what about for the college into courses, or even high school coureses. Do I dare even mention intermediate schools. I was learning BASIC programming in the 6th grade. I believe a tutorial like this could be used by 6th graders. If you get people deploying servelts in the 6th grade imagine what they’ll do in the “real world”.

Yikes! What a post for a Monday morning…..

Go read this tutorial…



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