Like it or not…

I’m a conservative Republican, and I thought Bush did a great job last night. You might not like what he said, but can we all agree the guy is turning into a strong public speaker? He is also showing that he’s not afraid to talk foreign affairs.

I’m not going to break his speech down here, you can get that at CNN or FOXNews. I’ll just say that for the most part I’m on-board with what he had to say. Who ever gets the Democrat nomination will have a tough fight. They’ll at least know where he stands on the “hot” issues.

Throwing out a little criticism. Why didn’t he touch on the space plan that has been getting so much hype? I would have like to hear him address that.

All in all I was impressed.

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  1. Marc

    How stupid can you be to sport an idiot president like this monster.

  2. erik

    How stupid can you be to not spell support correctly?

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