It is done…

Greg Maddux is a Chicago Cub again! His career has come full-circle. He’s back where he started. Maddux reportedly signed a three-year, $24 million contract.


I have to admit that I hated Greg Maddux since the day he left the Cubs. I love the the Cubs. It’s like God, wife, family, and the Cubs. I love ’em. And I was devestated that he left. I’ve always thought he took less to go to the Braves. Well, I was wrong. It wouldn’t have changed things. I still would have been mad at him for leaving, but either way. Here is a link where the Cub’s GM at the time sets everyone straight on the whole thing.

And again, Greg Maddux is a Cub, I’ve forgiven him, and ya’ll will find me in Wrigley field this October……

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