Remember the guys…

The ones that were pissed about there iPod battery dying after 2 years. Well, I only read their story on other websites and blogs. Today I just happened to check out the site while eating my ham sandwich for lunch. They have posted a message that states their case/ story/ stance.

Has anyone read it? Did you catch the part where after calling Apple, emailing Apple, and finally snail-mailing Apple his iPod he tries to install a third-party battery. When that “toasts” his iPod he goes and spends $400 on a new one. Does anyone find that to be humorous? This guy goes through ALL this trouble trying to get Apple to notice his bad battery and he ends up buying another iPod. Classic! You’d think the guy would give up and buy something else. Nope! He buys another iPod….

I love this story. Very funny.

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  1. Josiah Ritchie

    An excellent example of why iPod can be shoddy as long as its better than the competition. 🙂 Indeed, Classic!

  2. Erik

    It’s better then the competition, AND another big thing I like is that Apple realizied there really was a problem with their battery replacement policy and they’ve come up with a “fair” solution.

    Apple seems to really care about it’s customers. I wish companies like HP/Compaq, Toshiba, and Dell would take notice.

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