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I’ve got my first article of the year up on Uptime. I’m taking the column in a different dirrection for the next few months. I’ll be posting a topic that I or an Uptime reader needs help with. We will work towards a solution with the more advanced Uptime readers via the comments section. And then I’ll “sum it up” when we have the problem solved. I’m excited, it should be interesting.

If you have any subjects/ topics you need help with please contact me.

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  1. NiceGuyUK

    I added some info on your comment in Uptime about getting that DVD player working on your Toshiba (do I get the $5 on PayPal now 😉 )

  2. Erik

    Yup. I just need an email address that I can use to PayPal the funds to you.

  3. NiceGuyUK

    Just kidding about the money (hence the smiley!) – I give advice out for free, since most of the advice I receive back is free….

  4. Josiah Ritchie

    There’s an Open Source comment! 🙂 Excellent attitude that propogates FOSS. I always enjoy hearing that sort of thing.

  5. NiceGuyUK

    Most importantly, did you manage to get the DVD working?

  6. Erik

    I will be “knee-deep” in getting my DVD working this weekend. Expect some updates here and uptime.

  7. Erik

    Well, I’ve tried to get OGLE working, but no luck. I posted the details in my uptime article. Take a look if you’re interested.


  8. NiceGuyUK

    Ok, so what problems have you encountered? Did you add the symlink from your cd device (/dev/cd0 usually) to /dev/dvd ? Does the ogle-gui come up and not play? or do you not even get the GUI? Any error messages?

  9. Erik


    I’m gonna keep the details of this over at uptime. I’m afraid if I don’t, I’ll be typing the same stuff in both places….

    Check there if you don’t mind. Please…


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