There was a large part of my companies IT staff laid off yesterday. A LARGE part. We saw it coming when all contractors were sent home on Friday, but nobody was sure.

I am definitely happy to be sitting here, drinking my coffee.

Note to my boss: I am about to be very busy, working very hard, like I do each and every day…


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  1. Erik

    Yeah, it does! They new mgmt said they were done and that we are going forward with what we have.

    I’m not saying there weren’t problems here that needed to be corrected, but that kind of layoff isn’t the answer either.

    The goal of our *new* IT unit this year is to become a CMM Level 2 certified company. The efficiencies we achieved through this we figured would result in a number of layoffs down the road. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen after the layoffs last week.

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