Google isn’t that smart…

Have you seen those Google ad boxes on peoples sites? They are getting increasingly popular. I’m seeing them everywhere. If I’m on a Java site they will be geared to Java. If I’m looking at a page about Eclipse they will have ads for Java IDE’s. So today I was posting some questions on the JavaRanch forums page and noticed one of the Google ad bars. I got a good little laugh because Google thought this site was a good place to advertise Wyoming ranch vacations. I don’t think they’re hitting their target audience with those ads….

Better luck next time.

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  1. Josiah Ritchie

    I looked at those and I think they get their cash from click-throughs so the site isn’t getting their money out of it either. Wonder if they can tune it in a bit better?

  2. Erik

    JavaRanch is one of the best and I’m sure most widely used sites for Java developers. I’m sure they make a killing on the click-throughs. After spotting the problem I’ve been paying more attention to the boxes on that site and others and for the most part Google is “dead on” with their ads.

    I need to get a sub-domain for my site and try to get a few pennies…

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