Major Announcement…

The wife and I posted some great news over on the family website. In an effort to avoid duplication I’m gonna make you read it over there…..

I know the suspense is killing you…

Ok, already, here is the link.

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  1. Vinny Carpenter

    Hey Erik and congratulations. Great news. My wife and I are expecting in August for the first time and it’s just such an amazing and scary and exciting experience. Congratulations again.


  2. David M.

    Congratulations Erik.

    How many does this make?

  3. Erik

    Thank guys! I appreciate the kind comments.

    And David, this will be our second child.

    Last week I turned 30 and announced we were having a 2nd child. It was a wonderful week.


  4. David M.


    Are you planning on having anymore? I have 3 children 1 boy who is 4, 2 girls who are 3 and 2.

  5. Erik

    No, I think we’re stopping at 2. Both my wife and I come from families with 3 kids, but ….. 2 is enough for us.

    Now the wait. November won’t get here soon enough for me.


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