JavaMUG Recap – Marc Fleury Presentation…

In one word the presentation was great. I had never seen Marc speak before and he was impressive. He’s very “high energy”. I wasn’t sure how knowledgeable he would be on the topics. I was afraid he might be doing a big sales pitch, but I was wrong. The guy knew his stuff. And he was entertaining.

He covered JBoss and EJB 3.0. His material was good. He showed EJB 3.0 code. He talked about the differences between the current spec and 3.0. He gave rough estimates on when to expect to see it (but fairly specific dates on when to see something from JBoss). He covered the various projects being worked at JBoss. And he explained the company’s current plan and future direction. I think he used the word “aspect” at least 100 if not 1000 times. He’s big on aspects.

I took some notes; mostly I just jotted down a few interesting bullet points. Some technical and some just funny. I’ll list them below:

-EJB 3.0 will be implemented in JBoss by JavaOne.
-JBoss 4.0 by JavaOne.
-JBoss will have an open source version of Macromedia Flex (this got a lot of attention).
-JBoss will put people on the AXIS project to stabilize it again.
Hibernate IS EJB 3.0. (Since Hibernate came first I think the slide should have read, “EJB 3.0 is Hibernate”. Either way, that’s what he said.

Some of Marc’s jokes:
-He said something (not so nice) about Apache and then said “oops, that will be on a blog”.
-Commenting on Ben Sabrin, “He’s my main man (or something). He’s the guy who figured out how to sell free software.” His point was he thinks Ben is damn good.
-His last slide was funny. It had his name and email address and then two bullet points that seemed odd and funny. They were, “THANK YOU!” and “And remember, we love you!”

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