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Well, Matt Raible has inspired me to do some research about myself and the world’s view of my importance/relevance.

So here are my stats:
1. Google search for “Erik” puts me at 74. Not too shabby. Just behind Erik Thauvin(2), Erik Hatcher(28), and the famous actor Erik Estrada(36).

2. My Google number is a 144. This article which talks about Google numbers, how to find yours, and what they’re worth has me in the 2nd to worst grouping: “100-400 – do a nice web site and publish more”. I can live with that

I’ll try this every six months and see what happens.

Just a random thought, I wonder if politicians are utilizing this kind of info? Hmm… Maybe I need to start calling…

I’d love to hear other people’s stats. Post ’em here in the comments or shoot me a trackback. (Yes that is part of my evil plan to increase my stats…)

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  1. Mark

    Saw your comments at Buzzing Bye so I came here to check out your blog. Will have to start reading.

    Btw, don’t feel bad, my site’s ranking is 149. And as I stated at B.B. there aint no way I can do either of my names given their use.

    take care

  2. Phillip Knight

    Looks like my Google # is 2 ???

    When I search “phillip knight” I am the second listing…partly at least. It is my UT Dallas web page which then links to my home website. Does that count?


  3. Erik


    That is a pretty damn good google number! I think it would count, but where does rank?


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