Thank You…

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Today we had a doctor appointment for Katie to get her 19 week sonogram.

I was miserable all day because with Noah we got some bad news at the 20 week sonogram. Without going into much detail the doctor just had to tell us there was a fraction of a percentage point that something might be wrong with Noah. Well, Noah was fine and the warning did nothing more then upset us both. I understand the doctor was just doing his job, but it had me really nervous and not looking forward to today’s sonogram.

All that being said… We appear to have a very health baby growing in Katie’s belly. 🙂 Everything looked great the doctor said. I still don’t feel as happy as I should, but I bet I wake up tomorrow feeling like a champ.

Click this image and enjoy a couple of pics……

Profile of Baby Weibust

Profile of Baby Weibust

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  1. Mark

    Major Congrats!

    It really hit home for the both of us when I saw my sons first sonagram. btw, our child is alittle over 2months now and if you guys have as much fun as we are having you’re going to love being a parent. Albiet a little tired. 😉

  2. Erik

    Hey Mark. Welcome to my site….

    This will actually be our 2nd kiddo so I know what you mean about getting worn out. 🙂


  3. peterc

    looks like a girl to me! 🙂

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