Eclipse 3.0…

Well, I downloaded Eclipse 3.0 this morning. The first few mirrors I hit were very ssslllllooooooooow. I eventually hit a good one and the download was mine 7:30 minutes later. I’m installing now. I’ll report back later.

I need to see if the final 3.0 release is any different then the RC3 version.

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  1. Frank Merenda

    I just started using Eclipse 3.0, and it’s really niceeeeee. I didn’t notice anything different than the RC3 though.

    You’ll love it!


  2. Erik

    Yeah, it looks and feels the same as RC3. I’ll have to dig through the release notes….

    We have been doing a lot with NetBeans at work and I’m gonna try to replace NetBeans with Eclipse.


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