Eclipse 3.0…

Well, I downloaded Eclipse 3.0 this morning. The first few mirrors I hit were very ssslllllooooooooow. I eventually hit a good one and the download was mine 7:30 minutes later. I’m installing now. I’ll report back later.

I need to see if the final 3.0 release is any different then the RC3 version.

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Yeah, it looks and feels the same as RC3. I’ll have to dig through the release notes….

We have been doing a lot with NetBeans at work and I’m gonna try to replace NetBeans with Eclipse.


Eclipse Tips and Tricks, #1…

Yes, I’m finally using Eclipse. I tried to use it about 6 months when 3.0 came out, but just couldn’t do it. At my old job nobody used it. Hardly anybody even used an IDE. It was all cmd-line and…

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