JavaMUG JavaServer Faces Presentation

Last night’s JavaServer Faces Presentation was great. David Geary is a quality presenter. I will definitely try to catch at least one of his JSF sessions at the No Fluff Just Stuff stop in Dallas.

David covered a ton of material. He combined his 90 minute Intro and Advanced talks into one 90 minute session for JavaMUG. I felt like I got flooded with info, but it was clear and I wasn’t lost after the presentation. I hate when I see a presentation and things aren’t clearer afterwards.

I took some very rough notes on things that jumped out at me. Now I need to get his Core JSF book and make some sense out of everything. I won’t just post my notes but I’ll post some of his quotes that I found interesting/ amusing.

1. If you put both Swing and Struts through a particle accelerator you’ll get JavaServer Faces.
2. JSF is both a spec and a reference implementation.
3. His opinion of the best way to write a web app would be a combination of JSF, Struts, and the Spring Framework.

His two real juicy quotes were, “JavaServer Faces IS a replacement for Struts”, and “JSF is a BETTER Struts”.

I found the quotes very interesting since early in his presentation he made the comment if he was starting a web app it would be JSF, Struts and Spring.

Anyhow, JSF has got my attention.

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