Playing with Knoppix Linux…

I have burned an iso of the latest release of Knoppix Linux. It’s the V3.4-2004-05-16 release. Is anyone out currently “playing” with Knoppix, or have you in the past? I use the term playing because I’m not sure that a “live” distro is good for much more. Yes, I know about all the possibilities about booting from CD to fix a Windows problem, but what else? Yes, you can use it to try to show Windows users how nice, clean, professional the Linux desktop is looking, but other then that….

I’m off subject. I’m playing with Knoppix and wondering who else is/has. I want to use my memory stick with it because I’m not seeing any way of accessing/ writing to my harddisk. Now, I’ve only just burned a copy 2 hours ago so I might find what I’m looking for on my own, but if you can help…. Let me hear from you.

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  1. Mark

    Two good reasons.

    When purchasing a new PC from a chain store (I build my own but family does not) checking for linux compatibility is just a “plop the disk in and go” step away. Seeing the sales guy’s face when he sees it installing is priceless. 😉

    And since you brought up the USB memory, a family friend always has the latest Knoppix and a 256 stick with him at all times. Pop in the disk, plug in the stick and away he goes no matter where his job takes him. He works for a small company that only purchased desktops given their start up nature( don’t ask I don’t get it either). So when he travels to another company that is working on a project with him, he never knows what he is going to access to. Knoppix solves this problem.

    Funny thing, I love the things. I have a bunch that I’ve burned. Slax, Knoppix, DSL and a liveCD of the distro I run, Vectorlinux.

  2. Erik Weibust

    Hey Mark,

    Explain something to me. When I download something and install it while using Knoppix where does it go? Memory? Does it go on the hd and then get removed when I remove my cd?

    I like your comment about bringing a live CD to a store. That’s a great idea….


  3. Mark

    Good question. I’ve never installed anything while using a liveCD. I’ve always used them for linux compatitibility and for saving crashed or broken PCs. Hmmmmmmm, time for some research!


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