Google Rank, Revisited…

About 6 weeks ago I posted some info on my Google rank and my Google number. I wasn’t sure what the numbers would be and I was happy with them both.

Since then I have done some major work on the site (most on the backend that’s why you’re saying….. “hmm, I didn’t notice anything…”). One of the major changes was switching my url to from I am guessing that is the main reason my Google rank has more then doubled in the last 6 weeks. A low number is the key so this is not a good thing. If I hadn’t changed anything I’d expect that number to have gotten a little better.

I have been working to improve the content I publish here, with that I’d expect the Google rank to improve. A positive I’d like to note is that over the same 6-week period my Google number has increased by over 50%. A big number here is a good thing.

This research/commentary is probably of no interest to anyone but myself, but I’m blogging it so I can remember to keep up with my rankings.

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  1. Erik Weibust

    I randomly just checked my rank. Sadly, I’ve slipped. That’s what happens when you don’t blog for 5ish years. Didn’t crack the top 10 pages today.

  2. Erik Weibust

    Even worse… I’m not the top “Erik Weibust”. I’ve got almost all the other spots on the first page, but Erik W. W. beats me out with his work page. I’m not putting it here because I don’t want to help his cause. 😉

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