I’m Sick of John Kerry’s…

…garbage related to his service time during the Vietnam War. It’s crap that in the early 1970s he was ashamed of his time and what he and the rest of Americans did in Vietnam, but now he’s trying to leverage that experience and use it to get himself into the White House.

I’m glad he’s loosing the support of other veterans. And I hope that the Bush campaign really begins to make this an issue. I’d like to know when Kerry changed his mind about his Vietnam experience and decided it was a positive thing, one worth using to sell himself to the American voters.

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  1. Mark

    At least he did “something” over there. More then I can say for what he’s done in MA. No wonder he’s running on his 3-4 months in the war, because he clearly can’t run on what he’s done in this state.

  2. Erik Weibust

    Yeah, I couldn’t tell you what he’s done for MA.

    I know he turned his back on all the US soldiers in Vietnam while he was here protesting the war. And I know he’s now trying to get those same soldiers that he turned his back on to support him. And I’m glad to say that some of them aren’t.

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