No More Craig Kilborn…

What the heck? When did Craig Kilborn decide to call it quits?

After Letterman, Kilborn was my favorite late-night show/host. He had real funny bits, and his guests went from great (take tonight, he has had Vince Vaugn and Will Ferrell) to very random, odd personalities. Plus, his sports background always appealed to me. The other hosts would have athletes, but I never get the feeling they appreciate the athletes like Kilborn does.

I wonder who will replace him? I guess I’ll be watching Conan.

Here are a few links about Kilborn “mailing it in”…,1,14720,00.html

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  1. Mark

    Sorry to hear that. I hate to admit this but, I’ve never seen the show. 🙁 Sorry.

    The late night guys, except for Dave on a few shows just don’t hold my attention any more. This coming from someone who used to tape every show and watch it the next day without fail.

    Maybe he’ll show up someplace else. 😉

  2. Erik Weibust

    You missed something pretty good in my opinion.

    I became a fan of Kilborn back when he was a SportsCenter anchor. He just recently did a SportsCenter reunion show. It was great. And yes, he’ll turn up somewhere. And when he does, I’ll watch him.

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