iTunes and Firewire Benchmark…

Well, it took me about 9 days, but I’m finally done importing all my CDs into iTunes. I had previously only imported a small number of CDs ( 340 ). Talk about monotonous. When I would have rather been spending my time doing “cool stuff” with my new PowerBook I was sitting there loading/importing/ejecting CDs. For over a week!

Here are my details:

  • 4414 songs, 12.4 days, 20.37 GB
  • 15 Genres, 298 Artists, 337 Albums
  • I imported everything as 160 kbps AAC

Also, I loaded my iPod with a big chunk of my library and timed the transfer to get an idea how fast firewire was. I moved 11.6 GB worth of music (2544 songs) to my iPod in 25:43. That’s obviously damn near exactly one song per second. Pretty damn fast!

I am a moron. Somebody pointed out to me that the 25 minutes 43 seconds it took to transfer the 2544 songs isn’t 1 song per second. That 25:43 is actually only 1543 seconds meaning that the transfer rate was .601 second per song. MUCH faster then I initially reported. Man, I am a moron……

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  1. Chad Baker

    iPod actually performed better than one song per second, unless my math is wrong… 25:43 is 1543 seconds, which means a song was transfered every .61 seconds. Not bad at all… I’m gonna get me one of those things one day.

  2. Erik Weibust

    JEEZ! My bad. I’m a moron. You’re right, Chad. Firewire transfers songs to my iPod at about .601 second per song. That’s much faster. Let me update this post.

    And thanks for reading my blog….


  3. Mark

    Ok now that you’ve announced that you’re just as much of a moron as me you won’t mind my question.

    Why ACC? Why not MP3 or better yet OGG?

    Inquiring none iPod owning minds want to know. 😉

  4. Erik Weibust

    Hey Mark….

    The old why AAC question. I’m going with AAC mostly because it is “supposedly” a better format. I get this from Apple’s site, which has an obvious bias.

    Go read…. for info on the aac format.

    Also, I think that most mp3 players will play aac.


  5. Aaron Conlon

    Okay, as far as AAC: anything you import at 160kbps is going to sound exactly the same, unless you choose a variable bit-rate. The extension (AAC) has no influence on sound. Further, listen to your newly imported songs on headphones or good speakers, and tell me you don’t hear a noticeable loss in the low end. Anything below 256kbps is almost unacceptable for long-term archiving (IMHO.)

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