Mac OS X Book Talk…

I got a comment on a postI made a couple of weeks ago when I got my beloved PowerBook. My response was long, and drawn out. The stuff that would make a perfect blog post so I’m adding it here for everyone to enjoy (or bore you depending on how you feel about my posts).

I’ll add the comment that Robert left which led to my loooonng response.

If you are new to Mac OS X, you might want to check out James Duncan Davidson’s book, Running Mac OS X Panther. This book should be on every Mac OS X user’s shelf. It has insights that will answer questions for both the neophyte and the sage.

Welcome the the tribe! 🙂

My response:
It’s funny you mention Duncan Davidson. I attended a presentation of his on Mac OS X two years ago at the No Fluff Just Stuff conference here in Dallas. That talk planted the Mac “seed”.

Since then I’ve been keeping a close eye on the progress of Mac OS X. I moved from using Windows to Linux, also. I figured I needed to live in the “Linux World” for awhile to fully appreciate a Mac.

Now, fast forward to a few weeks ago. I talked the wife into letting me drop the cash it takes to get a nice PB and I was in business. My new problem was that I didn’t know anything about the “gui” side of Mac OS X. I bought the “Panther Missing Manual” book and started talking to the few Mac users here in our IT shop.

The “Missing Manual” book is good, but it just overkills each and every topic it covers. I know it will be great to pick up again in 6 months and learn some tricks, but right now I’m just trying to learn how to do everything ONE way, not a 100 ways.

I also HAVE been reading Davidson’s book “Running Mac OS X, Panther”. I read a little at lunch every day. I love that the stuff in there isn’t SO technical that it scares me off. I would say that your average user doesn’t really need to read this book, but if you are an “IT person” I think it’s great.

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