Whoop! The Aggies get a W…

I’m happy to report the Fightin’ Texas Aggies got their first win of the 2004 season. The bounce-back victory over Wyoming was a must for the Aggies desperately looking for Ws in a tough season. Last week the Ags were embarassed by a very good team, this week the Ags posted their first shutout since 2002 over an average Mountain West opponent.

The fact that the defense pitched a shutout made me real happy. Our defensive play has been horrible (sorry, I can’t sugar coat it any better then horrible…) and the defensive coaching/play-calling has been worse. Wyoming scored 42 last week and I was scared they might actually pick apart our young, undercoached D. It didn’t happen. The D made me proud and stepped-up and played a great game. I love a game when the Aggie D holds our opponent to negative rushing yards!

Reggie McNeil made some progress, but without Courtney Lewis playing I’d rather hold judgment on the offense. Yes, they looked a little better, but it was Wyoming.

I really wish I could make it down to College Station for this week’s game against Clemson. A big, nationally televised game, under the lights at Kyle Field. I’m really hope our defense continues to build on what they did last week and keeps our offense in this game.

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  1. Chad

    After Clemson’s embarrassing loss to Georgia Tech in the final few minutes last weekend, your Aggies might have a shot to beat them while they are down. Good luck and Go Gators!

  2. Erik Weibust

    Hey Chad,

    I don’t want to get cocky after one Aggie win. I would have to say after watching Clemson’s first two games that the Aggies odds of beating them are a little better. Clemson squeaked by in their first game, and lost a game they should have one on Saturday.

    So, I’m not saying the Aggies will win, but it might not be an ass-kicking….


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