Setting Java Heap Memory Args…

Any ideas where I can get some good info on the -Xms and -Xmx java args?

We are having all kinds of memory problems on our QA boxes and I’d like to tweak these values.

In our production environment we run with both set at 512. I’m fairly certain that was a recommendation from someone at Sun in their App Server dept. We were having all kinds of performance problems and that was one of the things they recommended.

The qa problem isn’t an app performance problem. It’s just a memory resource problem. I’d like to set -Xms64m and set -Xmx256m. My real question is how the memory gets allocated? Will my app suffer while the system is allocating more memory?

I guess I need to hit JavaRanch and maybe the Java forums on

A couple good places for JVM arg info:

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    Useful information! Thanks Erik

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