Vote Reggie McNeal for Heisman…

I cannot believe how much praise Reggie McNeal is getting. has just changed their NCAA Football index page; making Reggie McNeal their lead story!

ESPN also posted this great story about Reggie.

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  1. am freak

    sure A&M lost big in the cotton bowl this year
    however i think it was a huge step for the aggs
    coming off a 4-8 season last year to totally turn
    it all around to go 7-5 this year beating ok. state
    for the cowboys first lost and coming closest in the big 12 to beating OU and beating tx tech.
    i think the aggies will go all the way next year to
    go against either usc or auburn in the national championship and to boot reggie will win the heisman
    trophy. they will be one of the highest ranked teams
    beating both ut & ou because the aggies have such a young team and ou and texas losing some key players this year the aggs will play in the big 12
    championship against either colorado or k-state
    making this years aggies the first ones to win a national championship since 1939 and reggie to become the only aggie to win the heisman
    other than john david crow under the coaching style of bear bryant.
    franchione is the paul “bear” bryant of the 2002-aggies coaching alabama just like bryant did.
    if you have any complaints about this you can consult my friends in college station and on the football team you f****ing nerd.

  2. mike

    Reggie Mcneal is one the greatest quarterbacks that Texas A&M has ever recruited and i he should be in heisman race

  3. benito

    I couldn’t agree more. i think Reggies finally getting the credit he deserves for leading such a young team.

  4. Trey

    I couldn’t agree more. I mean if Reggie had beat OU and Texas last year, I seriously think he would have won the Heisman. He is geeting the credit he deserves and watch for him to have a monsterous year in 2005.

    My prediction for the Hiesman voting

    1.Reggie Mcneal
    2.Reggie Bush
    3.Adrien Peterson
    4.Matt Leinart
    5.Teddy Ginn Jr.
    6.Chris Leak
    7.Vince Young
    8.Drew Tate
    9.Tyler Palko
    10.Who ever the Texaa Tech Quarterback may be

  5. Erik Weibust

    Hey Trey….

    I don’t want to knee-jerk too much considering this is a woulda-coulda, but if the Ags would have beaten both OU and tu I think Reggie would have gotten some Heisman votes. He wouldn’t have won, but people would definitely been talking……

    If Reggie want’s to be considered in 2005 he really needs to be solid all year, AND the Ags will have to win……


  6. sponge

    Reggie has got the Heisman in the bag this year. He is finally getting all of the credit and support he deserves! He’s such a great person both on and off the field.

  7. Erik Weibust

    Reggie tanked at the end of last season and I’m really not expecting much from him this year. I will be more then happy if he just hangs on to the ball and doesn’t loose games for the Aggies.


  8. David

    Reggie is the most complete package at quarterback that I have ever seen. I watched him play throughout high school and he has progressed as a player every year. I don’t think we have have seen anything yet. If the defense is on board this year and Courtney is healthy, Reggie will get his props this year.

  9. Erik Weibust

    Howdy David,

    Reggie might have been the most complete quarterback you ever saw while he was in high school. But, I’d argue he is the most inconsistent quarterback to ever suit up at A&M. He desperately needs a strong, solid, consistent season to be well liked when he’s gone. No, crazy 3, 4, and 5 pick games. If he throws more then 10 INTs this year he will be a depressing waste of talent.


  10. clint


    Sorry I got here so late. I really hope Reggie doesn’t throw as many picks as he did last year…I don’t know if we can survive FOUR ON THE SEASON. Check your facts. And if you look at those and can’t see that McNeal is the best QB to suit up at A&M in a long time, possibly ever, then you aren’t an Aggie and you probably don’t know college ball either.

  11. clint

    “If he throws more then 10 INTs this year he will be a depressing waste of talent.”

    C’mon, even if the cards don’t fall right, he’s still arguably the best dual threat QB in the league. Take his legs away and he’s still a good, if not great, passer.

    Bottom line is that I think that you have an unfounded bias for some reason. Even if things don’t pan out this season he still goes top to mid first round next year on shear athletic ability.

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