How about them Red Sox…

Before I say anything about the Red Sox let me say I’m a National League guy. I believe the American League is an inferior game of baseball. Being blunt, I hate AL baseball. To me there is something horribly wrong with the DH. I don’t even watch AL baseball until the playoffs (I DO watch the All-Star game and the NL better start winning…).

Now that I’ve given my opinion on AL baseball let me say that the Red Sox – Yankees series was great. What the Red Sox did, coming back after being down 0-3, was amazing. It truly was statistically amazing. In American, professional sports, in the big 4 (football, baseball, basketball, and hockey) it had only happened 2 in like 235 times.

What the Red Sox did will now give sports fans a new hope when there team is down 0-3. Fans will now have the memory of the Red Sox ALCS team of 2004 to cling to.

Congrats to the Red Sox, but go National League baseball in the World Series!

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  1. Mark

    Pretty amazing stuff in the Boston area. Patriots are breaking all kinds of winning streaks in the NFL and now the Sox come from 3 down. Reminds me of ’86 when all four teams did really well.

  2. Erik Weibust

    I’m jealous. I bet it’s real fun living in the New England area these days….


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