Lookout Sooners the Aggies are Ready…

…and we haven’t forgotten the ass-kicking you laid on us last year.

The Aggies didn’t look good yesterday, but they got a BIG win over Colorado. That gives us a big 6 game winning streak. With lowly Baylor coming up this week we should have a nice W7 going for us after an easy win in Waco. We moved up a spot in both the ESPN poll and the AP, and GameDay said they’d be in B/CS for the game if we beat CO.

Everything is falling in place for a big weekend when OU comes to town. The Aggies will be ready. And expect the 12th Man to be very fired-up.

5 replies on “Lookout Sooners the Aggies are Ready…”

Be careful…counting wins a week ahead of time can come back to haunt you. Or maybe that’s just the way it worked this week for the Gators against lowly Mississippi State.

Yeah, that was ugly for the Gators this weekend. Loosing to MSU.

But, back to the Aggies. I don’t think anybody has any fear of Baylor. I think they have one Big 12 win, ever. Either way, they aren’t beating A&M.


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