Someone Noticed my Rich Internet Application (RiA) Post

I was looking through my web server logs and was surprised to see I was getting a lot of new traffic from two nice Java sites. The first new referrer was Erik Thauvin’s Linkblog and the second was

The link from Erik’s Linkblog was my first inclusion in his list. I was pleasantly surprised to see my name and link there. I wonder how Erik finds the data he adds to his list?

The other new referrer,, is a site obviously dedicated to client-side Java. They linked to me in their post “JDIC Tutorial, More Swing Components, Google and Java“. I also wonder how found me. I assume found me on Erik’s Linkblog, but it could have been the other way around.

Both sites linked to my review of October’s JavaMUG presentation, “The Case for SoA and a Sample “Killer” App“. The presentation was good. It covered SoA, RiA, and IoC. Go read my review if you want to know more.

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