Google Stock Tanking?

This morning I read an article about Google stock being way over-priced. Now, a few hours into the trading day I see Google is down $8.25. The article said that they think Google will go down as far as $160. I wouldn’t buy it for more then $100. No real data to back that up, but what is Google selling, where are they making their money? They sell friggin’ ads on their site and other blogs like mine. That doesn’t seem like a business model that can support a stock price of $160-$200. I think they should split and get their price down below a $100.

Disclaimer: I am a programmer that knows “jack” about the market. Don’t buy or sell Google, or anything else for that matter, on my advice.

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  1. Chad

    I agree that advertising on the web (especially at blogs like mine) doesn’t seem like the greatest business model, but the number of users that visit google and the number of people (like us) that affiliate ourselves with google can’t help but drive their business.

    I think today was one of those Fridays where investors were taking profits to reinvest and expect google to rebound next week. I’d like to see the stock split as well, just so I could buy a couple shares, but I don’t see the value of the stock increasing too much in the long run. You never know when google might come out with something new that actually generates real business value, their corporate culture (at least according to their website) is very open to innovation by the employees, so anything is possible.

    Disclaimer: I am also a programmer that has never had any success in the market and so any forward looking statements on the value of google stock should be taken as “do the opposite of what he says”.

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