Big Day Ahead…

Boy do I have a big day planned for me today. I’m taking my 2 yr old son, Noah, to see his first movie, The Incredibles. And then the Fightin’ Texas Aggies are playing in the college football game of the year against OU.

Check back later today for a review of both events. I hope both go well, but it would be a surprise. Noah just turned two back in September and still won’t sit 5 minutes for dinner without trying to slide out of his chair. And the Aggies got their arces kicked last year 77-0 by OU, plus they lost to friggin’ Baylor last week.

I’m crossing my fingers.

The movie was great. Noah did real well. I think I’ll start looking for our next movie outing option.

The Aggie game didn’t go so well. The played awesome through most of the first half, but looked bad most of the second half. Now had that hail-mary worked out for us on the last play of the game I’m sure you can guess what I would have been saying…

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