Did I mention what the Aggies did…

… last weekend? Against the damn Red Raiders. If I didn’t. The Fightin’ Texas Aggies beat their asses. I hate Tech. For the most part, it’s a bunch of second rates, that have “better school envy” over Aggies and Longhorns. Tech fans loose bad and win worse. They repeatedly make fools of themselves. I have zero respect for the school, it’s football program, and it’s football fans. Yes, I have friends from there and I’m not saying they’re bad, but I truly hate Tech.

Now that I’ve gone off on my rant, let me add that Tech has owned A&M. Totally. And that is why I’m so glad we’ve beat them. I would love to see the Aggies rattle off like 5 in a row against them.

Anyways, I sat in the hospital Saturday, with my wife and new baby boy, and thoroughly enjoyed watching the Aggies “beat the hell” outta Tech.

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