Free iPod!

I have heard about people getting free ipods on various blogs and even in wired magazine. I’ve kind of just said, “good for them” and not thought much about trying to get one. Well, yesterday a friend motivated me to give it a try.

It’s really not that hard to do. You register at You sign up for one of a number of services. Some are free, others are fairly cheap. Some people even find loopholes in the services and join and then quit before it costs them anything. There are offers for credit cards, phone service, DVD clubs and CD clubs to name a few. Once you sign up for one of these servicies all that is left to do to get your free ipod is getting five other people to sign-up.

I personally don’t see why people would not want to join. I’m already a member of both the CD club and the DVD club listed at Who doesn’t have a CD or DVD collection that could use a few new titles? Why not join or re-join one of these clubs, get the great deal on CDs or DVDs, and pick up a free iPod while you’re at it. The iPods available are the new 20 GB model, or any of the iPod Minis. You could also take a iTunes gift card worth $250.

It’s really a pretty good friggin’ deal in my book.

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  1. Chad

    Thanks again, Erik. I’ve already got the required 5 people signed up through my referral and all that needs to happen now is the credit from the service trials. Nice and easy… anyone for a free flatscreen?

  2. Erik Weibust

    No problem…

    You got your 5 quick! I’m at 3 without trying to hard. I think I’ll probably just use my wife and my two-year-old. I’m sure he’d love to join the DVD club and get some new cartoons. 🙂

    We both need to make sure and post something when we get our credits for the services we signed up for (could be 15 days) and then again when we get our FREE IPOD!


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