Alright already…

I give up! Enough procrastinating! I’m going outside to put up the Christmas lights. I’ve been dodging this since Wednesday when I was supposed to do it. My excuse then was it was in the 30’s here, well this afternoon it’s supposed to hit 60 so that excuse doesn’t work.

I’ll give an update later, and I’ll also “fess up” why you haven’t heard from me in a week (think 3 week baby, quiting old job, starting new job)….

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  1. HLR

    Erik —

    In one of your Blogs, you mentioned you were getting the darned “javax.servlet not found” error. So was I.

    I found that putting the “servlet-api.jar” into this location fixed the compile errors –
    It’s in

    along with “org.apache.jar”, “apple_provider.jar” for reference.

    If you already new this, sorry. If not, try it.


  2. Mark

    Hold out as long as you can. 😉

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