Work Update…

I’m still trying to get my feet down and get productive at the new job. I’ve been on the clock here at Custom Credit Systems for a total of 7 business days. It’s pretty much been learn, learn, work, learn, work, work. No real time to read any blogs let-alone write my own posts while I’m working.

When I get in a good rhythm I’ll start posting more on what I’m doing. It’s all very exciting. Some stuff I’ve never worked with. We’re using Rhino to embed Java in JavaScript and tons of presentation layer stuff that I haven’t done in over 4 years.

The Rhino stuff is very cool. Go surf over to the Rhino project homepage and take a look at a couple of good tutorials when you have nothing to do over lunch(Rhino tutorial 1, tutorial 2). And if you know anything about Rhino please drop me a line. I’ll probably post a number of things about Rhino in the future here.

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