Have I mentioned how much my life has changed since I’ve had my second child? If not, I’ll sum it up in one word. Dramatically.

With one child Katie and I could take turns with Noah and give the other “free time” to work on the computer, read a book, watch a movie, etc. Well, with Zachary being born, that’s not really possible right now. Zach, being 4 weeks old, is still very “high maintenance”. During the day he sleeps in very short helpings. Think like no more then an hour. So one of us is pretty much always busy with Zach, normally it’s Katie, and the other is busy with Noah.

Why am I telling my long list of readers this story (all 4 or 5 of you)? Mostly, I’m just trying to say sorry for not posting much of anything here in the last month. And, also I’m apologizing for not spending much time on your blogs reading and commenting.

I know that very quick Zach will get in a better napping pattern, taking longer naps. And, I’m sure Katie and I will figure out a new juggling plan for playing-with, entertaining, feeding, bathing, etc the kids. So look for more frequent posts here very soon.

Please bear with me…

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  1. Mark

    IMHO, it sounds like Katie is the one not doing her part of the work load. I’d hate a sit down and talk with her to find out why. 😉

    Seriously, we will one day arrive where you are now.
    The way you explain it seems like how I imagine it so I better enjoy what free time I have now.

    As for apologizing, paaaaalease, family comes first, then sleep, then blog. 😉

  2. Mark

    That should have said “have” instead of hate. Sorry . 😉

  3. Erik Weibust

    Hey Mark….

    Thanks for the offer on talking to Katie for me. I hope you catch her in a good mood. 🙂

    The two kids thing is very challenging right now, but I know it will get better. Like I said, Zach will get in a better sleep pattern, and then Katie and I will have some free time. And as Noah gets older (he’s 29 months) he will help…


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