Crestwood Associates Blog Survey

Did anybody out there get an email from Crestwood Associates about taking a survey on blogging? It sounded very much like a spam trick. But, since I had some free time, I took a look at the survey and it looked legit. So I took the survey and gave it my “go ahead and spam me” email address.

A few weeks after taking the survey I got an email from a Michelle Rohle, of Crestwood Associates stating that my name had been drawn as a winner from their “Blogging Survey”. She went on to say that if I would send her my home address she would send me a check for a $100. She also said that if I was scared that this was a scam/spam I could call her at the number she listed. After doing some research on Crestwood I decided they appear to be “for real” and that I probably should send them my address so they could mail me the check. I sent Michelle my address and now, a few days later, I’m holding a check for $100 made out to Erik Weibust.

I really hate that the current state of the world has everyone believing these kind of things are scams. How often do you get emails, phone calls, web site pop-ups, etc. saying “please take this quick survey and you might win $$$”? They’re normally short, little deals that can be taken in minutes. But, we all skip them saying “I’m not falling for that crap again”. Well, I’m not gonna sign up for all of them, but I think I’m gonna at least take a few minutes to see if they might be legit.

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  1. Chad

    Sweet. You’ll have to let us all know what your criteria is for choosing an offer.

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