2004 Weibust Christmas Tree…

What do you think? It’s not the best we’ve done, but it looks pretty good. Katie wanted all snowflakes and I gave in. Next year the tree with be more colorful with a random mix of ornaments we’ve collected over the years.

Last year I read a post on Russ Beattie’s blog showing off his tree. He also asked for his readers to post links to their trees. It ended up being really cool with a number of people posting links to their trees. I posted a link to mine and I’d like to see if anyone reading my blog will post a link to pics of their trees. Go ahead and show off. Let me see your tree.

Noah in front of the 2004 Weibust Christmas Tree
Noah in front of the 2004 Weibust Christmas Tree

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  1. Erik Weibust

    Chad, I’m not impressed with your excuses. You better do something good next year.

    And our tree is a fake tree. They’ve gotten pretty good at making them look realistic, but they charge the heck out of you for it….


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