Mac OS X 10.3.7 Update…

If you have a PowerBook install the Mac OS X 10.3.7 Update right now! I installed it a little over 24 hours ago and it appears to have solved a nightmare of a problem I’ve been having.

At first I was in denial about the problem. Surely, my PowerBook wasn’t turning into the most expensive paperweight money could buy. But, that’s how I felt. The damn thing was a mess. The battery kept running dry. I’d close the lid putting it to sleep and when I’d open it after a drive home or when waking up in the morning it would be dead. Also, other times it wouldn’t be dead, but the damn thing wouldn’t wake up. So I would have to “power cycle” it which was just as bad as it running dead. It was making me crazy.

Eventually, after a couple of weeks fighting the problem I did find a workaround. When the PowerBook was too tired to wake from sleep mode I could get it up by plugging my powercord in. I’m not sure why that worked but it did every time. Sometimes I’d notice the battery was at 0%, others it was about where I left it. Either way, if you have a PowerBook that doesn’t wake from sleep mode simply plugging in your power cord should resolve the issue.

My workaround is what it is, a workaround. I think the better bet is installing the 10.3.7 Update. Like I said, 24 hours and no problems. Check back here to see if or when I have the problem again. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Lastly, I gotta thank Ugo Cei who tipped me off on trying the 10.3.7 Update for this problem in the comments of a post on Matt Riable’s blog.

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