Merry Christmas/ Happy New Year…

First, let me say, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I did. It was a whirlwind trip through/ around Houston. Dallas to Sugarland. Sugarland to Spring. Spring to Sugarland. Sugarland to Baytown. Baytown back to Dallas. That was Thur (Christmas Eve’s eve) through Monday the 27th. Yes, it’s a lot of driving, but I have family all over Houston.

Then, after working a few days I headed back down to Houston for New Years weekend. I went to my sisters in Spring for a night and then spent New Years Eve on Lake Conroe at Del Lago celebrating both New Year’s Eve, and my best friend’s birthday (Peter Cold).

2004 was an amazing year for my family! A few highlights: Katie and I added a beautiful son, Zachary, to our family in November, I started a new job at Custom Credit Systems the first week of December, Katie got a huge promotion/raise at Merit Energy back in the middle of the year, and I finally got my PowerBook (I’m using it right now).

How do I top all that in 2005? Check back a year from now and see…


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